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70 Pozharskogo str., Yaroslavl

Cake odering

If you can imagine the cake, we can bake it!

Yaroslavskoe Podvorie Hotel Bakery specializes in custom cakes for any occasion!

Our highly skilled and extremely experienced cake masters will bake your cake:

  • of any shape, size, flavor, color and filler
  • only natural ingredients are used


  • prepaid basis
  • minimum 0.8 kg.
  • 3 days order
  • free delivery inside Yaroslavl


Popular fillings: caramel, yoghurt, cottage cheese, berry, natural chocolate, cheese.
Prices from 1000 rub. / Kg. Mastic elements from 1100 rub. / Kg.

Popular classic cakes: "Millefeuille" (puff pastry with berries and fruits), "Prague" (chocolate cake with cream), "Honey cake" (with a delicate aroma of honey impregnated with butter cream), "Pancho" (biscuit and chocolate, sandwiched cream cream).

Price from 500 rub. / Kg.