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Children holidays

Very often, parents are faced with a problem: where to celebrate the birth of the child, and how to celebrate children's birthday so that the child and his little friends were delighted?

Many people think that organizing a children's party in the restaurant is expensive. This is not the case with Yaroslavskoe Podvorie. Holding a child's birthday at the The Yaroslavskoe Podvorie Hotel restaurant is possible without great expenses and with great fun.

For Children's holidays, we offer:

a separate spacious banquet hall;
special children's menu with a choice of pastries, desserts and drinks;
professional sound equipment and disco;

We offer you the following programs:

Mad professor Marty shaw;
The school of magic or birthday in Hogwarts;
Pirate party;
Merry ranch;
WinX fairies;
Chocolate festival;
Spy Kids and many other various programs.

And also we are ready to offer you:

bubble show;
aqua makeup;
airships desires;
cotton candy device (for renting);
room decoration with helium balloons;
printed invitations to the birthday in the style of the program

Our staff will endeavor to ensure that children and parents can have a great time and get lots of positive emotions!

Children parties orders reception: +7 (4852) 58-74-60, 58-74-62